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Over 60 years of manufacturing and supplying Australia’s best latex mattresses. Latex Mattress Australia is a family owned business that has been established for over 65 years. With an unwavering commitment to providing supreme comfort and support, Latex Mattress Australia has provided Simply Superior Sleep to tens of thousands of customers since 1955.

Latex Mattress Australia has the highest independently rated, 100% pure and natural latex mattresses in Australia. Latex Mattress Australia has a boutique range of mattress options, defining the ‘handcrafted luxury latex mattress’. Each mattress is bespoke crafted in our manufacturing facility in Brisbane Queensland, using safe and natural materials.

Our Company mission is to ‘change lives through healthy sleep.’ Latex Mattress Australia has a reputation for manufacturing the cleanest, greenest, most durable and comfortable latex mattresses in Australia. Fitting in with our principles of buying only the best, our ecologically sustainable Malaysian supplier is internationally awarded and accredited, and International Standards compliant.

Pure latex is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers and supports general good health. Our pure latex is certified as safe and natural by the world-renowned authority on environmental and health related toxicity, ‘ECO- Umwelt Institut GmbH.’ Pure latex is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, anti-microbial, dust-mite and bed-bug resistant and contaminate free. We ensure the latex we use is completely clean throughout by using the leach-extraction method. This ensures all the non-rubber content is flushed out of the latex before the moulding process. Sourced from the Hevea Braziliensis rubber tree, our latex is impurity free and naturally hand-harvested from renewable, ecologically-balanced plantations. The latex is then taken by local transport to be immediately moulded using chemical-free micro vent technology. No harmful petro-chemicals or extenders are used, and there are no fillers such as kaolin clay or calcium carbonate; this ensures maximum durability and life-span and the best value for money.

Australian Made & Owned License

Our latex mattresses and ensemble bases are registered and license to use the Australian Made & Owned certifications, supporting local jobs and the economy.

Australia's highest rated latex mattress

Australia’s highest independently rated latex mattress, rated 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Eco Institut Certification

Testing demonstrates no detectable VVOC’s (Very Volatile Organic Compounds) and 100% chemical free. Relating to the polymer content of our latex, the natural latex portion amounts to 100%.

LGA Quality Certificate

Latex Mattress Australia latex does not sag, compress, dissipate hardness or lose resilience and conformity to any degree even after 60,000 test cycles.

Established for over 60 years

Latex Mattress Australia is a family owned business, that has been established since 1955.

Environmentally Friendly

Our latex is sourced from the rubber tree, grown in sustainable plantations and is free from any harmful substances.

Asthma & Allergy Friendly

Our latex mattresses are made with natural fibre fabrics that may offer a possible benefit to people with asthma and allergies.

OEKO-TEX Certification

Our fabrics and quilting fibres used in our mattresses are certified by Oeko-Tex as chemical free and free from harmful substances.