4 Top Tips To Make The Most of Your Recovery During Sleep

How can you enhance your chances of waking feeling refreshed and ready to face the world? Well, a wondrous thing takes place when you give your brain the rest it deserves during sleep: your body takes up its duty to repair the wear and tear of the day you’ve just lived through. So, you would want to make the most of these precious quiet hours, wouldn’t you? Here are four strategies to lead to your desired outcome of waking feeling well-rested, refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.

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In Reality, How Bad For You Is Not Getting Enough Sleep?

If you believe that you’re not getting enough sleep, take heart, it’s probably not as big a deal as you might be thinking, according to recent research. Just to clarify, if your mood is cheerful and stable throughout the day and you feel alert, then it’s likely that you are getting enough sleep, regardless of the apparent recommended amount for your age group. This is the view of Jim Horne, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychophysiology at Loughborough University, England, distinguished author of the book Sleeplessness.

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Trouble Sleeping? The Ultimate Solutions

Keep That Pen And Paper On Your Bedside Table – It’s Time To Start Journaling Your Way To Falling Asleep Faster

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Common Questions About Latex

Latex Foam

Here at Latex Mattress Australia we want you to have as much information as you need to make the perfect choice. Afterall, the purchase of a new sleeping package is one of the most important investments you will make in your ongoing health and wellbeing. This way, you can rest assured with your final decision […]

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Is Daytime Napping Good Or Bad For You?

Woman napping on sofa

Thomas Edison, the famous inventor, was so committed to the practice of napping that he had napping cots set up throughout his home and laboratory for those essential times he felt he needed to recharge. Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist, snoozed for fifteen minutes every four hours. Margaret Thatcher set aside one hour every […]

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