Hydravent Mattress Underlay

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  • What is Hydravent?

    Hydravent prevents dampness and the accompanying annoyances including mildew and odour in two ways:

    • It allows warming of the mattress–supporting surface by permitting relatively warm air to circulate under the mattress or cushions, thereby minimizing an essential condition for condensation.
    • The circulating air promotes evaporation of moisture.

    Hydravent is a special material that consists of a spun polymer woven into a large open configuration that is bonded to a breathable fabric layer.

    This light mesh of polymer does not compress, allowing an open layer of air to form. It is 2cm thick, allowing plenty of dry air to circulate. The material is lightweight and flexible, yet rigid enough to hold its shape indefinitely.

    Hydravent is the most practical solution for the prevention of dampness (condensation) forming beneath boat and RV beds. One of the most annoying things about owning a boat is the problem of moisture beneath beds and cushions. We’ve all experienced the results of condensation – mould and mildew, dampness and the annoying odour.

    Most of us accept the problem as inevitable and try to treat the symptoms. Drying bedding above deck is weather dependent. Plastic sheeting and other waterproofing materials may keep the mattress dry but can eventually promote damage. Sprays to eliminate staining and odours are only “Band-Aids” after the damage is done. Finally there is a solution – Hydravent, Proven to Reduce Moisture Damage.

    The unique construction of Hydravent is the key to its success. The matrix is 95% open and allows air to continuously circulate through the material. The mat is lightweight and flexible, yet rigid enough to hold its shape indefinitely.

    • The semi-rigid structure that elevates the mattress and bedding (even with a heavy sleeper) and allows nearly unobstructed air flow.
    • Easy to cut (scissors work fine).
    • Easy to join in order to make any required width (with adhesive applied to a 7.6cm overhanging flap which can act as a hinge).
    • Easy to clean and dry if washed (very durable, unaffected by common soaps and hot water).
    • Very light weight (approx. 950gm per square metre).
    • Easy to roll up or bend through tight passageways.
    • Virtually maintenance-free but can be washed … extremely durable.
    • Outlasts the life of any mattress.
    • Unaffected by freezing temperatures and humidity (it maintains its strength and flexibility).
    • Hydravent comes in widths of 1 metre and uncut lengths to 30 metres.
  • 1 metre wide x 20mm thick

  • $79 per metre

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