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bassinet or latex cot mattress

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  • Your child deserves a chemical free sleeping environment. Give your baby or toddler a quality bassinet or latex cot mattress and ensure that they have a healthy night’s sleep.

    • 100% Cotton OR Tencel cover providing a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for your child.
    • The cover is zip-off and removable for easy washing.
    • Bassinet: 50mm thick medium density latex provides perfect support for your baby during sleep.
    • Cot: 100mm thick medium density latex provides perfect support for your child during sleep.
    • We will custom make your cot or bassinet mattress to suit your exact dimensions or requirements.
    • 100% pure & natural latex is the healthiest mattress choice for child as it is completely chemical free.
    • Perfect mattress for children with asthma or allergies, and certified by The Asthma Council of Australia.
    • The durable nature of pure latex offers excellent value as your mattress will be passed on through the family for many years.
  • When you measure your bassinet or latex cot mattress, ensure that the length and width dimensions are exactly equivalent to the inside dimensions to avoid dangerous gaps that can potentially trap a sleeping child and cause suffocation.

    Some cot and bassinet suppliers may have provided specified mattress dimensions.

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