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Latex Mattress Australia is THE company/people you want to go to if you want to find your mattress match.

My partner and I visited the showroom and Jessica, Trixie and the team expertly advised and assisted us to find the perfect mattress. Their extensive knowledge of what makes a supported and comfortable sleep stems years of experience developing and manufacturing latex mattresses.

We have had our amazing new latex mattress for a month now and every night our sleep is a dream. My partner used to wake up 5-9 times in the night, he now sleeps through the night and wakes up refreshed and ready for the day to come. I am a light sleeper and wake up if I feel movement, now I do not even wake up when my partner gets out of bed in the morning. I had never particularly valued sleep before. Now that I have restful, supported and comfortable sleep the quality of my life is noticeably better and I definitely value a good night sleep.

I cannot recommend Latex Mattress Australia enough. It is great supporting quality Australian owned and operated businesses that know what they are doing and care about their customers. Being hypo-allergenic, super comfortable and with a 25 year guarantee I do not hesitate to say you cannot go wrong purchasing your new mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

Rheanan & William, Brisbane

Very Comfortable!

We bought a Latex Mattress Australia queen Pure Comfort mattress after the previous purchase of a competitor's latex mattress - what a mistake. After three months we could no longer sleep on the other one. We drove from Canberra to Sydney one Sunday to try the Latex Mattress Australia mattress. It was so comfortable that we bought it on the spot. We have never had more comfortable sleep. For the first time in a long time I look forward to going to bed, and once in bed, I don't want to get out. Good stuff.

Rob W, Canberra

The Best Mattress We've Ever Had!

This mattress is both soft and enveloping as well as being firm enough to provide a really good night's sleep. The first time we have ever had this level of comfort.
The staff were extremely helpful and there was no pressure selling. We were given heaps of time to test the various options. We wouldn't purchase any other mattress again.

S & L, Sydney

Sensational Mattress!

I am so glad I stumbled across Latex Mattress Australia whilst hunting for the mattress that would hopefully last us the next 20 odd years. We could not be happier, it is such a joy to go to bed knowing that sleep will come quickly and you will wake refreshed and ready to start the day. I had the misfortune of having to go back to my old mattress in the spare room one night (no, unfortunately the fabulous latex mattress will not cure your husband's snoring!) and couldn't believe I had slept on it for so many years, it felt lumpy and very uncomfortable. The latex is a healthy mattress, no bed bugs can share your bed, it is not sprayed with chemicals prior to sale which you will breathe in each night……..!

Anthea T

Sleeping Like Babies!

We bought a queen size Pure Indulgence and King size Pure Comfort mattress. We have had these beds for 2 months now and are so pleased that we spent the extra money on these fabulously comfortable, supportive mattresses. My husband suffers from back pain and arthritis, compounded by the necessity to use a CPAC machine for his sleep apnoea. He has struggled for years to keep the mask on all night and stay on his back as he finds it difficult to sleep on his side. Since using his Latex mattress, he is able to keep the CPAC mask on all night for a pain free 8 hour sleep. He is waking refreshed and more alert as a result and does not feel stiff and sore in the morning. I often have difficulty both getting to sleep and staying asleep. Since using the Latex mattress, I drop off readily at night and even if i do wake through the night, am able to get back to sleep. Our daughter agrees, when she comes to stay that the queen Pure Indulgence mattress in the second bedroom is the most comfortable bed she has ever slept on. There are no temperature issues as there are with so-called latex mattresses like the Tempura range which do not have pure rubber in them and also have non-organic volatile substances. The latex pillows (bought two and were given two complimentary ones) are equally wonderful and supportive. Latex Mattresses Australia is an investment worth making.

Jubesy, Sydney

Very Happy!

We decided to change mattresses when my husbands knee and shoulder pain made him toss and turn all night. After a lot of research we decided to go with a pure comfort firm mattress. We were guided by the wonderful sales staff via phone and email. We have had our mattress for roughly a month now and my husband is now sleeping much better. His shoulder pain has gone and the knee problem has been helped. We are very happy with our purchase.
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Yarramlea, Melbourne

This is what was missing in our Life - Excellent!!!

Always had a spring mattress did our research and decided on the Latex Pure Indulgence, it did take a few days to get used to as it is different, you sleep in the bed rather than on the bed with a spring mattress. We both love it and look forward to sleeping in it every night, it does not retain heat and you don't feel when your partner moves or rolls over. Richard at Mosman was very friendly , he knows the product and it was enjoyable process to purchase it. We also bought a King spilt base as is important to have the mattress on the right bas e. Highly recommend this product as it has improved the quality of our sleep which makes your life better. We stayed overnight recently with friends and slept on a spring mattress and we had trouble sleeping, after a latex a spring one just does not compare

Peter R, NSW

Fine Quality, Superb Comfort, Excellent Service!

I have four lumbar vertebrae fused so I am very aware of the importance of mattress comfort. I have searched for years to find the perfect mattress and the Latex Australia mattress has met all my requirements. I now sleep well and wake up refreshed and almost free of pain. Furthermore I must commend the Sales Executive for his expert advice and guidance when selecting the correct density to satisfy my stringent expectations..

Justin - Mosman

Like a Cloud ....Latex Mattress Australia - Perfection !

I bought a Pure Comfort Firm/Soft density mattress... firm density core with a soft density surface layer. For the first time in years I could sleep without waking up .. deep wonderful sleep.. no hip pain no shoulder pain .. just supportive comfort .. love it ... Latex is a tiny tiny tiny bit warmer to sleep on.. but the comfort and support is 1000 times better than anything I have had before.. Yes not the cheapest either but 21 years warranty and a removable washable cover ! perfect ! and its chemical free ! all natural ! sign me up ! LOVE IT !


Thank you for all of your great service from start to finish! It is wonderful to experience again true service. As for the product I have been having fantastic sleeps and I now get out of bed in the morning and can walk freely, no upper back pain and no leg stiffness! Fantastic. The other great thing I love about my mattress is that it is easy to make the bed. I have another older latex mattress which is great to sleep on but it is so heavy and difficult to lift to tuck sheet in, even fitted sheets! So thank you again for your wonderful service and great product. I highly recommend your company and your products to all.

Mary - Biboohra

Best I Have Slept in Years!
There is not a better mattress to sleep on than these beds made by Latex Mattress Australia. No one would buy box springs if they knew the difference. I have slept on many types of beds and it's not than other mattresses are no good......there are many comfortable beds out there but the latex ones have a cloud like quality as well as super support.....I seem to need less sleep and have fewer back problems............a cut above the rest and the customer service offered by Latex Mattress Australia is excellent too.


Excellent Comfort!
I balked at the prices of latex mattresses, but I couldn't find a traditional mattress or memory foam mattress I could stay comfortable on for 30 minutes. At the time it felt 'indulgent' but it's been worth every cent. I've been sleeping on it every night for 10 weeks and my sleep has never been better. I no longer wake up early in the morning with aches and pains, I drift off quickly and sleep through the night and have fewer headaches and muscle cramps.

Kirsten - Sydney

Fantastic Quality!

I have had my mattress for about 5 weeks now and absolutely love it. The Latex Mattress Australia company was so good to deal with. I am from Western Australia and was very hesitant about spending this type of money on something and having it trucked to me. The transporting company used was very professional and the packaging of the mattress was just great.

Wendy - Perth

So much better than the hybrid latex ones!

Until we got this new mattress, I was suffering a bad back and my husband had terrible allergies/hayfever. Since ditching our old "hybrid" mattress (part latex, foam, spring) and getting our 100% latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia, we are feeling 100% better! It feels completely natural and comfortable, there's no chemical smell, and it stays completely smooth and supportive no matter ho w many of our family pile on it of a Sunday morning :)
Now I keep wanting to tell my friends to get rid of their old mattresses for one of these! Plus it's a lovely family company that have taken great care of us along every step of the way.


Couldn't be Happier!

We were a little dazed by some of the hype & hysteria around latex, but after trying at least a dozen various types from a few manufacturers we had our Goldilocks moment ... this mattress instantly felt just right - and several months down the track (and with a good Eden overlay) it is still a delight to sleep on; it offers good support with no pressure points. What's more, although I wouldn't sug gest that it is a cure, I'm sure my wife has stopped snoring. Even at sale prices it is quite expensive, but still a great investment in comfort and ultimately one's health. It is fairly bulky and very heavy to move around, and a bit wobbly to sit on the edge to do your boots up - but then it's not a bench seat, it's a no compromise mattress. We couldn't be happier ..

Geoff - Sydney

Excellent mattress

We decided to go for a soft/medium/soft mattress (instead of the firm one). At first we thought it might be too soft for us (after using a futon type mattress), but we very quickly got used to it. We sleep very well with this new mattress. Just recently I realised that some lower back and sciatica pain I've had for years has simply disappeared. I haven't changed anything else so can only assume it's the mattress.


Pure Indulgence, be warned do not try it you will want it.

We recently purchased your top of the line latex mattress. It was with some scepticism my wife said we check a latex mattress. The proof is in the comfort when first laying on it. The model we choose is the top of the line, a considerable investment but when one thinks of the time you spend in it, well worth it. Spending this amount, we did not want to cloud our judgement with the initial wow fact or. After trying a few other brand mattress', latex and springs, we could not go pass the 'pure indulgence'. We have now owned it for 3 months and the feeling is the same, one cannot wait to get into bed. No sore shoulders, no partner disturbance, sleeping patterns so much better. Extremely happy with our purchase. Their unique three layer system, you can change if one gets damaged or you want a firmer or plusher feel. Also Richard the store manager has a relaxed style, not pushy, made the purchase enjoyable.


Best Bed Ever Slept On!
We have always wanted to purchase a Latex bed since we were buying beds and when our bed had seen better days we decided to finally get the bed we want. We only buy the best product and do a lot of research before buying, Need to be Australian, Pure latex and eco friendly and of course a guarantee for anything over 30years! these guys have it all! We took the bed home and have had good nights sle ep! Both my husband and I very happy with the product and would recommend to everyone to spend the extra as you may have the mattress well over the usual 10years some other beds offer. Thanks again Latex Mattress Australia!

Jessica - Brisbane

Pleased with the mattress

My chiropractor referred me to Latex Mattress Australia for a latex mattress because I had bad lower back pain and sore shoulders. I bought a firm support mattress in early July. I am pleased with the mattress. It gives a much better support without any pressure on my body. It is a bit too soft for a firm support mattress though. Having said that, I do not have lower back pain anymore. The sore shoulders are still there, but of much lesser degree (I do not know whether it is related to the pillow or the mattress). Also [name removed] at the New Farm display room was very helpful. She gave me follow up call after I bought the mattress.



I do not usually fall in love with inanimate objects but I must say I have fallen for my new mattress. I smile when getting into bed at night. I especially love it if I wake up in the middle of the night. I snuggle back down into it and go right back to sleep. Its crazy comfortable, there doesn't seem to be any pressure on your body no matter how you lie on it.



We are very pleased with our latex mattress, it may have been a little more expensive than the average mattress - but it is very well worth it.
My partner suffers with a few aches and pains after resting, though they are still there, they are not half as bad as before the new mattress.
There is so much more space and its great that when restless, the bed barely moves so you do not disturb your partner's sleep.

Emma C


I had been trying so many mattress before making decision to go for Latex Matress Australia. And I am FULLY SATISFIED about this purchase. My husband and I got the medium firmness latex mattress and it is just perfectly right for both of us.Because I am a side sleeper and medium soft would be suitable as there will be pressure on your hip, shoulder and knee if the mattress is too hard. However , if it is too soft, as for my husband who is a back sleeper would be not ideal for his back waist.

We have tried so many mattress and found only latex mattress finally satisfied both of us.This lattes mattress provides not only comfortableness and softness but also full support to your body!!Furthermore, the material is absolutely natural.We really LOVE LOVE this mattress and would highly recommend that to other customers.

MJ - Concorde


We decided to upgrade to a King size bed from our Queen sized latex mattress and did a lot of research and settled on a Latex Mattress Australia mattress, as we were very keen to be sleeping on a mattress that doesn't release a lot of chemicals. We also needed a new bassinet mattress and opted to buy latex from them as well. We were very pleased to find there was no strong smells coming from eithe r mattress when they arrived and they were very comfortable. Our new baby has been sleeping wonderfully on it, often 7-8hrs without waking! And now that it is time to upgrade to a cot mattress we are ordering a latex cot mattress as well - looking forward to lots of great sleeps :)

Amanda - Brisbane


We had been sleeping on an inner-spring mattress that was over 20-years-old and so we were well overdue for a new one! Through extensive research we agreed on a latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia. We went with the Pure Indulgence model in a King and couldn't be happier with our choice. We don't have heat issues and attribute this to the use of 100% natural latex - something that was crit ically important to us. If you shop around, as we did, you'll be hard pressed to find a latex mattress at any big retailer that is genuinely 100% pure latex. Yes the mattresses at LMA are more expensive than their competitors but that speaks to their quality materials, craftsmanship and unrivaled 21-year guarantee. Some things really are worth paying for! Our latex mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, I've had no neck tension since it's arrival and my husband is coming to bed earlier just to enjoy the luxurious comfort for longer. Thank you Leonie at the New Farm store for helping us find sleep nirvana.

D & P Jones - Sydney


The latex mattress we bought was the best investment we made. We simply feel great on it. It is incredible the feeling of floating when laying down on the latex mattress. So far the best latex mattress option in the market comparing the price and the warranty which is 21 years. No other shop can offer this.

Alex Araya - Sydney


My wife and I fall into the "hard to please category" when it comes to beds. when we could no longer use a waterbed, due to physical disabilities, we spent years trying to find a suitable inner spring bed (and failing). We finally took the plunge and invested in a high quality latex mattress, and have finally solved all our sleep and comfort problems.

Fred - Burpengary


I think every girl has dreamt of sleeping in a princess bed, the pure indulgence is just that. it is a bed that even Goldilocks would enjoy. It not to firm and not too soft,it is like your floating on water ,feeling totally supported encompassed with warmth and softness.There's is no pressure on any part of your body ,the mattress moulds perfectly to gives me a long comfortable sleep. My husband likes the mattress aswell ;)



We purchased a king latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia around two years ago. Having previously had a latex mattress from another retailer (won't mention names!), we were not overly optimistic about the latex experience. Their mattress really didn't live up to its promise; in a few short years, it began to sag in the middle and was not conducive to a good night's sleep. But we soldiered on and decided to give latex mattresses another try. I'm really glad we did. While it did seem like quite a significant investment at the time, I would never change the decision to buy our LMA mattress. It really does give you a phenomenal night's sleep - something you definitely need with young toddlers! I sleep in quite a few hotel beds and absolutely nothing comes close to my own bed at home, which I've never been able to say before. We have been so happy that we've recently returned to buy latex mattresses for our kids. I would definitely recommend LMA mattresses to anyone who asked.



We bought two queen size pure support mattresses from Leonie at the New Farm store. We were impressed by her professionalism and help with making our choices.
The mattresses have proven to be everything she said they would be. When rolling over there is minimal movement. The mattresses are comfortable. They are not cold nor hot. but just right. The mattresses we had previously gave us pain, but now we are pain free when we wake up. Well worth the money.
If you wake with pain, or have restless nights, invest in a Latex mattress.

Sue - Brisbane


We bought our Pure Indulgence mattress in April 2014. We were so lucky we bought it during a sale period. Leonie, the store manager was very patient and helpful attending to our needs.
This mattress is very comfortable, it was not hot in summer (we had a very hot summer!) and nice, not cold during winter. Unlike the old mattress, we both did not have pins and needles in our shoulder anymore!

We were recently away overseas and had our mother, aunt and two guest couples stay over. They all really liked it. Our guests said that our mattress had a positive energy :-)
We really recommend this mattress.

Nyoman - Brisbane


I am so happy with my new bed I just love it and would highly recommend Leonie at Latex Matttress Australia New Farm help you find a bed.I loved it so much we went back and bought pillows.Never had a better sleep.Thank you!!!!!!
I will never buy a standard mattress ever again!


They have arrived! They are fantastic! They are perfect!

The cot mattress fits exactly how it should with just a little space around the edge to tuck in a blanket or two, and the pattern of the fabric covering it is delightful. I'm so happy with it. The double bed mattress also is perfect, so soft, but not too soft. I am so pleased with these and when I need more I will definitely be contacting you again.The delivery man was very obliging, too, and waited while we used his trolley to take the mattress to the bedroom. I also appreciate your emails keeping me informed of the delivery.

Thank you so much - from one very happy customer.

Margaret - Victoria

Bad Back Much Improved

When I first saw my new mattress folded in half on my bedroom floor I was a little disconcerted, when I tried it out on my bed for the first time I thought it was too soft, so I had reservations that night when I went to bed. I need not have worried, yes it was soft but at the same time very supportive. I had been told that latex mattresses made for a hot nights sleep, I have not found that to be the case. What I have found is the sleep interruptions I have had since childhood due to a back problems have been much reduced. ergo I am a happy customer.

Sue - Tasmania

Great Investment.

We all sleep and as far as investments go this is a great one. I need to be alert and well rested for my job and I have found that these guys make an awesome product that makes a difference. It's great to know that you are supporting local manufactures. This is my second bed from latex mattress australia and I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. The new bamboo casing is a great feature and adds to the cushioning

Jack - Brisbane

Excellent Latex Mattress

We recently purchased a "Pure Support" king size mattress and I have to say I am very impressed by the quality and comfort provided by this mattress. I will never buy an inner spring mattress again! I'm a side sleeper and in the past I would always wake up with a sore hip and dead arm after sleeping for a couple of hours and have to roll over several times a night. After receiving our new latex mattress I find this no longer happens. I'm also a light sleeper as well and my wife would report that whenever she rolls over in the night I would always stir and/or wake up. With the latex mattress the partner disturbance is minimal and I find my wife and I don't wake each other up as much as we used to with our old spring mattress.

The other important factor for my wife and I when we set out to purchase a new mattress was to find one which was free of harmful chemicals such as flame retardants and the like. LMA manufacture their mattresses using pure latex produced via the "Dunlop process" which is a natural and chemical free way to produce quality latex.

While some may say LMA mattresses are too expensive I believe they are actually very reasonably priced when compared with inferior "memory foam" or "gel" mattresses sold by major bedding retailers which can cost well over $5000. Also with a 20+ year warranty an LMA mattress is certainly an investment for the long term and you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Phil - Queensland

The mattress we purchased from you has been a complete success – Whilst our old mattress was still relatively comfortable – the new one is a measure better and we’re finding that we don’t suffer from ‘dead arms’ or shoulders now that we’re sleeping on the latex mattress.

Additionally, I’m enjoying the pillow as well.....I’d have no hesitation in recommending the mattress and your services to any friends or relatives that were considering a new purchase.

Dave & Jean Peters - Sunshine Coast

Fantastic Latex Mattress

We bought a Pure Comfort Queen size mattress about a month ago and we are very impressed. The first few nights felt strange, having slept on a firm innerspring mattress for years. The latex mattress was very soft and I thought it was going to be too soft. I was wrong. After a week, we fell in love with the mattress. It is very soft, yet solid. I used to wake up with a sore back and a dead arm sometimes with my old mattress. I have not had this occur at all with the new mattress. Sleeping is an absolute joy and we look forward to lying in the luxurious embrace of this new mattress every night. We live in Townsville and there have been no issues with getting hot..

It is worth every dollar we paid. Do not be put off by the price. This is quality like you could not believe. I was very wary and it took me seven months to make the plunge, but it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you are looking for an investment in your long-term health, a latex mattress should be at the top of your short list. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new mattress. We also bought two latex pillows with the mattress and I would highly recommend getting the pillows at the same time. They are great as well. Very comfortable, good customer service, high quality.

Chris - Brisbane

A Good Night’s Sleep- At Last

We knew for the past couple of years that we needed a new mattress but didn't know how much difference it would make. Also we were confused with all the technical detail about the range of mattresses on offer. Fortunately in our search we found LMA and went to visit the factory. What a professional reception - good information, an easy conversation, no hype and no pressure. We tried the different mattresses and pillows as much as we wanted; nothing was too much trouble. Before making a decision we had time to discuss our decision just by ourselves. Our mattress was delivered on schedule and the old one taken away. And now for the best part - we get out of bed every morning, refreshed and without the pains in the back and legs we used to have. We are delighted with the choice we made. The mattress and the pillows are just so comfortable, but also supportive.

Graham & Kathy - Victoria Point

I just wanted to say I recently received my second Bed from Latex Mattress Aust, I couldn't be happier .The bed is great for your back and when you move on the bed , your partner doesn't feel it due to the nature of the latex. The service at the Brisbane store by the Manager was very professional and most helpful with choosing the bed that best suited me, as was the delivery to my home, everyone was very helpful. I couldn't be happier with the service and the bed is fantastic to sleep on.

Graham - Brisbane Inner City

Our last LMA mattress only lasted 20 years. We bought our first latex mattress from LMA at Archerfield. We have never turned it or rotated it because it is too heavy. In the last 12 months or so we are noticing there is a bit of a dip in the latex and we have had to purchase a new mattress. No really, we love our LMA mattress and that is why we wouldn't buy any other.

Frances - Nundah

I have had trouble sleeping for years put it down to age, thought it was just going to be like this ever more. I also experience head and neck aches often. Heard about Latex mattress and decided time for a new bed so we would make enquiries. After the excellent service we received at the Mosman branch we went ahead and wow. I had the best night sleep i have ever had in years. I couldn't believe that I was unable to feel my partners movements during the night and if I do wake up I go straight back to sleep instead of tossing and turning. Best thing we have ever bought. No more aches and pains feel refreshed when I wake up instead of exhausted.

Happy Customer - Sydney

The mattress is very comfortable and during the sleep we are not disturbed by tossing and turning of each of us. The bamboo cover has an excellent feel. We feel very rested each morning. There are no aches and pains nor any lethargy due to lost sleep. Overall a very good product.

JD Alexander - Brisbane

The mattress and pillow arrived safely at home on Wednesday morning. I have been sleeping on it for four nights now and it is beautiful to sleep on. It fits on my wooden bed frame perfectly. I would like to thank you for the great communication leading up to and after the purchase - I felt confident that my mattress would arrive when I received the paid invoice in the mail, and this email confirms that you are genuinely interested in providing excellent customer service.

Bianca Chakravorty - Victoria

Extremely Comfortable

Can't recommend a latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia enough. I purchased the mattress about a month ago and it is extremely comfortable. I'm the third member of my family to purchase a mattress from LMA and we're all very happy with our purchases. The James Street is centrally located so made the purchase process really easy.

Cameron - Brisbane

Excellent - Very comfortable.

We have always liked the idea of Latex in a mattress and decided to search the net. Mosman showroom was extremely helpful in assisting us choose the right mattress. From the first night, I enjoyed a full night's sleep and continue to do so. The mattress was definitely worth the investment! Very comfortable and restful!

Norma Marshall - Sydney

Finally, a Good Night’s Sleep.

After suffering for several years with shoulder, hip and back pain from our old mattress, we decided it was time to look for a new mattress. We decided that a latex mattress was the way to go. Searching the Web, we came across the Latex Mattress Factory. We were happy with the assistance of Leonie at James Street and walked away having purchased a new queen size mattress. We have had it just over a month and can't believe the difference in our quality of sleep and how we feel in the morning. + Soft but supportive. No pressure points. Fantastic sleep.

Rob & Frances, Brisbane

After much deliberation, we finally took the plunge and replaced our 10 year old mattress with a new Latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia. Their customer service was excellent and the mattress is so wonderfully comfortable. It is such a pleasure in today’s fast and furious world to find something that lives up to the promises made. I love going to bed!

Anna, Brisbane

Renewed Energy After A Perfect Sleep.

For years I have been waking during the night and getting up between 5.50am and 6.00 am. Since receiving my new latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia I have slept without waking until 7.30am. Not only am I sleeping more soundly but during the day I am bursting with energy. Who would have thought that a mattress could make such a difference. I researched latex mattresses for some time before I bought (without having seen or lay on it) my mattress from Latex Mattress Australia, and would like to thank the staff, (Trixie & Shane) who patiently dealt with my many phone calls and questions while never trying to influence my decision. I definitely made the right decision. Sleeping on the mattress feels like being encircled in a fluffy cloud.

Helen, Melbourne

We are so happy with our latex mattress. Although not inexpensive, when we calculated how much time is spent in bed, (including someone who suffers from illness), we worked out the purchase was a worthy investment. A little unsure at first, we would never go back. This has made an enormous difference to our quality of sleep.

+ Pure and natural latex: no chemical smell, very comfortable.


I am very happy with the mattress. Although it is a bit more than our budget, I reckon it is a worth it investment. Latex mattress Australia has a lot of confidence in their products 21 years warranty and that gave me a peace of mind in making my decision.
The outer cover was a bit dirty, they pointed it out and offered a new cover and offered 2 free pillow covers for my trouble which was very kind of them. The service is AAA+, top class! Xavier is very helpful throughout the whole process.

Jessy, Sydney

I have now purchased 3x 100% latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia and I am looking forward to purchasing my fourth very soon. I originally purchased one for my eldest son who has a severe dust mite allergy and it certainly has improved his sleeping. We have since purchased 2 more for our other sons. My husband will often sneak in a daytime sleep on one of their beds because it is so much more comfortable than ours.

+ Excellent value for money.

Amanda Segon, Brisbane

My wife and I decided upon a latex mattress after having to update our mattress every few years . My wife has a back problem and finds the medium density latex mattress just ideal. The price might seem higher than other mattress but when you compare the future years ahead it seems an ideal choice.

Warren, Sydney

For years I assumed that all mattresses were the same until we purchased a latex mattress. I have never slept so soundly and feel rejuvenated and refreshed every morning. The mattress conforms to your body and leaves you feeling rested every night. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles to get a good night’s sleep.

Danny, Brisbane

Having decided to purchase a new latex mattress, we were encouraged to discover a nearby, family owned business which had been making mattresses for so many years. On visiting the store we were not disappointed. The staff were most professional and provided the information we were looking for without "spin". We very quickly purchased a mattress, which was delivered on time by careful staff and we have been enjoying extremely comfortable sleeps ever since. We have since recommended Latex Mattress Australia to others.

+ Efficient, helpful staff. Being in the business for so long speaks for itself.

Peter, Brisbane

I'm so happy with our new king size natural latex mattress, our quality of sleep has improved greatly since deciding to purchase. After doing some research online we discovered that Latex Mattress Australia was 100% natural product which was exactly what we were after. The store manager of the New farm Store helped us make the decision on what mattress was right of us based on our personal requirements, she was very friendly and professional. Great company and product.

Katherine, Brisbane

I've had my Latex Mattress for 8 years and it's still in excellent condition - no indents, no sagging at all; I'm in a truck all day and my latex mattress prevents body aches/pain. I've just bought another Latex King Size Mattress for another family member with back problems, from very helpful staff, [name removed], at New Farm Show Room.

+ Stays in excellent condition year after year with great body support and comfort.

Peter, Brisbane

40 Year Old Latex Mattress Still Going Strong
My parents first purchased our mattress 40 years ago from the Archerfield store and the latex is still in great condition with no sagging and as firm, comfortable and supportive as the day it was made. The latex outlived the cover which was also original! We were pleasantly surprised when we returned to the factory 40 years after purchase and they were happy to replace the cover rather than talk us into buying a new mattress unnecessarily. We agreed to replace the cover with the high quality natural bamboo product they are now using. We have been using our "new" mattress for a few weeks now and it is as good as ever. Latex is a brilliant product and we have been extremely satisfied with our mattress and service from the Latex Mattress Factory over it's 40 year life. Here's to another 40!

Ming - Surfers Paradise

Best bed I have ever slept on!
I am really happy with my Latex Mattress it is very comfortable. I love the way it evenly supports my body. I don't feel like I'm sinking to the middle of the bed like I did with my old beds. My Latex Mattress has kept its original form even though its over 10 years old. I would definitely recommend this mattress to everyone.

Dr.Anna - Springwood

King Single Latex Mattress
What an Incredible product and the service is simply Impeccable - i cannot be more pleased with both the bed and the business. Thank you so much for all your patience in answering the many queries i had - the mattress is So comfortable that my snooze button goes off so many more times now. Thank you too for going out of your way in your customer service. What a refreshing change !

+ Cosiness and comfort of mattress; Exceptional service

Lelian - Brisbane

So Happy with my latex mattress!
I purchased my latex mattress from Latex Mattress Factory in 2007. My mattress is as comfortable as the day I bought it. It provides support, yet conforms to my body. I frequently travel, and I always crave my latex mattress when I am away. I highly recommend a Latex Mattress Factory to anyone who values quality and a great nights' sleep.

+ Comfort, quality, durability

Happy Sleeper - Brisbane

No More Snoring!

Since I have been sleeping on my Latex Pure Support King mattress with a Latex pillow I have stopped snoring!!!

That has given me a calm and peaceful full night’s sleep, and when I rise in the morning I feel so refreshed and full of energy to face a busy day. Something I haven't felt for years!! I'm impressed that as I'm an early starter I can get out of bed without disturbing my partner. I love the coolness of the mattress and the comfort is magnificent. The 21year guarantee gives me the confidence that I will have many years of peaceful, consistent sleep. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and information provided by the sales team, I will, and have recommended Latex Mattress Australia to many of my friends and colleagues!!

Macca - Parkinson Qld

Best Thing I Have Done For My Back!

I have always suffered from a stiff sore back & neck and tried a million things to help which were always only temporary relief.

It was recommended I try the Latex Mattress Factory and initially was hesitant thinking how different it could be to my already "good" mattress - thankfully I did and can’t be happier!! It took about a week to adjust and suddenly I realised I wasn't sore anymore and it has stayed that way since!! Worth every cent and the team at Latex Mattress Factory provide a professional & friendly service!!

+ Great service, durable & quality product, excellent results from use of it.

Mandy - Brisbane

So Happy With My Mattress From LMF

After extensive research into which product I wanted for my new mattresses (I research things to the death!), I decided that natural latex was the only way to go for a myriad of health/hygiene, comfort, durability and quality reasons. After yet further research into potential suppliers, I decided to purchase two latex mattresses from Latex Mattress Factory - and my research on both accounts paid off!!

The service I received from LMF both before and after sales (all via telephone & email) has been exceptional, and the quality and design of the products themselves is second to none. [name removed] spent a significant amount of time answering my questions about latex sourcing, manufacturing processes, health/hygiene and comfort features, product warranties, pricing etc., and also spent time discussing my preferences and needs to recommend which mattresses would best suit my requirements.

Stephanie G, Perth

Best Sleep I’ll Ever Have

I'm a full time dancer and when I go away on tour with my work I'm always longing of my latex mattress when I get home. It is the best sleep I've ever had and will ever have because I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energised from a great night’s sleep. As my work is very physically demanding, I require the support and comfort that my latex mattress provides. When my boyfriend is sharing the bed I don't feel the shockwaves when he rolls over like I notice when we are in his bed. I think this is a great product.

Dancer, Brisbane

Simply Bliss, Comfort and I Never Stop Saying –“I Love This Bed”

I was in construction when I purchased my Bed over 3 1/2 yrs ago ,especially constructing Stairs -there is a lot of awkward positions you place your body in, plus undue stress on the back and spinal cord with the lifting and twisting , within a few days, I never woke up again with a sore lower back ..
I also am a hot blooded male ..and through the various "Heat Wave" seasons we have been through only the last few years ...I have never --ever had any problems with getting hot from the Latex ..In fact it has been the reverse ..Cool and cumfy !!
The service I received from day 1 ( exceptional )....helping me work out, what would be best suited to my frame and weight ..... Their knowledge and expertise .....Pity many other companies weren't like these people...they are there for the customer !!

C. Jones, Brisbane

As a personal trainer and student naturopath I believe in a holistic approach to all aspects of life including training, nutrition, medicine and most importantly sleep. My passion for health and wellness lead me to find and purchase a mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

With early morning starts and a physically as well as mentally demanding job, sleep is absolutely crucial in assisting to repair aches and pains, supporting my adrenal glands and providing a source of stress relief. The right or wrong mattress could mean the difference between a poor nights sleep with a strained neck or a rejuvenating and deep sleep that has set me up for a day of full energy. In saying so a latex mattress was the perfect choice for me and now looking back I don’t know how I ever survived without one! It is made with 100% natural latex which is sourced sustainably and designed for maximum comfort and support which ticked all of my holisitic requirements. My energy levels have improved dramatically since sleeping on the latex mattress and I have noticed a definite decrease in sugar cravings, muscle soreness and mood swings.

I now recommend latex mattresses to all of my clients, especially those with poor posture, insomnia and restless sleeps.

Josefina Andrici - Sydney

Dear Staff at Mattress Factory

Thank you for all your help. Your dedication to helping us find the perfect bed to suit our needs went above and beyond any expectations. Your company truly understands the meaning of customer service and making a product to suit the customers personalised needs.

Your expert knowledge, passion and guidance in helping us was amazing, your intimate knowledge of the each stage of the mattress manufacturing process was invaluable.

It is amazing how much the right mattress can make a different to lives, I can't tell you how much we miss our mattress when we go away.

Mr & Mrs Wells

Our mattress arrived today - earlier than we expected. We have unpacked it and look forward to a restful first night’s sleep.

Thank you for the excellent service. It has been a pleasure to deal with a company which delivers what it promises. We are impressed with the speed of manufacture and delivery and with the information we have received along the way.

All the more so since we were able to deal with a local Australian company and a family based one at that.

Stephen King - WA

Just a short note about our new latex mattress

Firstly.....Great communications. You promised Wednesday when we ordered it. You phone to confirm that date and time. And then it actually arrived when you said it would!

Next....What a great sleep we had last night. Our ten year old inner sprung mattress stands to the side now (it actually still looks quite new, but we know better)

I feel terrific this morning after the best night's sleep I have had in years.

Its certainly worth the "extra money". Thanks for everything.

Clive & Bev, Manly, NSW

The Delivery guys were fantastic, and we've had the best nights sleep in years, on your mattress.

Mrs Conen, Palm Beach, NSW

I was having a lot of back and pressure point hip pain so purchased a latex mattress from you in late April 2012 after having done my research.

After 2 months (and several discussions) it was exchanged from a firm to medium mattress as I could not get used to the firm.

It has been several weeks now and I am pleased to report that I am getting a very good and restful night's sleep and, on waking, my back now only feels stiff rather than painful and hip pain is only intermittent. No tossing and turning as I've done most of my life - I am happy with the improvement.

I want to thank all the staff and associated delivery people for their flexibility, courtesy and friendliness.

In conclusion I can say that I have never received this top level of service from any other company and will be recommending you to friends and family.

Rita, Toowong

Trixie, Thank you for looking after me so well. Most firms would not have come all this way to visit me in my home.

Eleanor, Slacks Creek

After some gentle persuasion my partner is now sleeping better than ever with a latex pillow. Thanks LMA. Your products are second to none =)

Michael, Mount Gravatt

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Latex Mattress Australia.

Sleep is one of the most valuable healing tools we have in life for it is only in deep sleep that the body has the opportunity to heal and repair itself.

As a Yoga Therapist I am aware not only of the critical need for a nourishing sleep each night but also the importance of the correct structural support for the body. Ideally the mattress should be able to not only support the body appropriately but also maintain this support throughout the night.

A latex mattress seemed to offer the best support but I found there were many different qualities of latex mattresses available. I was delighted to discover the mattresses at Latex Mattress Australia were of the highest quality. Furthermore the help and guidance I received was excellent.

I began my enquires whilst in India and received prompt and informative email correspondence from Trixie.

I have now had my latex mattress for 8 months and the mattress and sleep are exquisite. The mattress gently supports the body distributing the weight giving the impression of weightlessness and the mattress looks exactly the same as the day it was first delivered. I consider the purchase of my mattress as an investment in my health, and that is priceless

Megan Ward, Manasa Yoga - New Farm


This is just to say how 'over the moon' we are with our new Latex Mattress. Over 22 years in Queensland we have purchased 3 mattresses, the last one being Latex Gold (claimed) which proved to be unsatisfactory. After selecting out of the Yellow Pages Phone Book because of its presentation, we chose Latex Mattress Australia and phoned to make inquiries.

Trixie answered the phone and the manner in which she responded to my inquiry encouraged me to decide to do business with them. We purchased sight unseen or tested. Because of this we can assure any future purchaser who has a desire to purchase a Latex Mattress to deal with Latex Mattress Australia.

I had a spinal operation 35 odd years ago and this is the first time I've had no problems at all. My wife also(being tall) had a back problem but has found relief with this Mattress.

Could we also say 'Thank You' to Good Old Pete. He is a credit to the company.

Bill & Margaret Baldwin

Dear Trixie

I have had a very bad back for many years, but it has now really started to interfere with staying over at friends and relatives places. Travel was a thing of the past as the beds in motels, cabins and caravan parks etc., are in most cases just too hard. Then I called in and saw the fantastic people at Latex Mattress Australia who suggested trying a 50mm latex comforter. This has changed my life tremendously, as I can now travel knowing that I can sleep on any bed put forward; this could not have been done without the comforter.

I have since completed a six month trip to South Australia.

Thank you Latex Mattress Australia - I now have the travel bug back.

Rod Watkins - Mt Gravatt East

I have been a Latex Mattress Australia customer for nearly 30 years and have always been impressed by their high quality, natural Latex products.

Their custom made, all natural latex mattresses offer a superior comfort which I find helps to lull me into a deep and restful sleep. I think they make the most affordable luxury bedding obtainable.

Tom Wilson, Chelmer

I'm 41 and have had increasing nerve issues leading to pain and numbness in my shoulders and arms, particularly overnight during sleep, during the last 10 years.

You hear about latex being beneficial but dropping a few grand on a risk always puts you off. Would hate to spend that amount and find no improvement.

So this winter my shoulders felt a little worse and I finally decided to take a chance and replace our existing, and rather expensive, sprung mattress with a latex one, in the hope of waking with less numbness and tingling issues.

I was cautious, after all injuries don't go away overnight, even once you've stopped aggravating them.

Morning one was a small improvement, and so was morning two. Each morning was a little better than the last and now, a week on, I am waking with very little numbness in my arms and hands.

I've had latex pillows for 5 years and won't leave home without them and I am now kicking myself for leaving the purchase of a matching latex mattress so long. Couldn't care less about the investment now I have it, as it really is an investment in my wellbeing.

From a technical standpoint, I assume the improving pain relief must be as a result of the more consistent support across the body that a latex mattress affords. It seems to stop specific pressure points and hence nerve compression but whatever it's doing, I'm very happy it's doing it!

Dean Agar, Tenah Merah

To whom it may concern,

The time had come for a new mattress and after lots of uhming and ahing we settled on an all-latex mattress. We had checked out several manufacturers and discovered that some were padding out their mattresses using ordinary plastic foam. Latex Mattress Australia did not do this and thus ensured that the whole mattress was going to go the distance. When an unexpected problem that was no fault of theirs arose, they stood behind their word and fixed it pronto.

At first I was concerned that the Mattress may be too hard. My previous innerspring was too hard and I had to put an eggshell overlay on it to save me from getting a sore back. With the latex we don’t sink into it, but there are no pressure points. It’s so easy to turn over on and the back’s better than ever. My wife worried that it might be too hot. Not a problem either. It breathes nicely on the slat base.

The latex pillows are a must. They feel soft and firm, not soft and fluffy, and they stay that way. Our old polyester pillows felt wonderful when they were new but soon began to collapse. Again I was concerned the latex pillow might be too hard, but now I won’t leave home without it.

We did notice a bit of a latex smell when everything was new, but as we were assured, this disappeared within a few days.

And the bonus is that when I turn over there is no rocking, rolling and squeaking to disturb the better half who is a light sleeper (or at least used to be). In fact I’m so pleased; I’m replacing a virtually new innerspring in my caravan with a latex mattress so that we get a good night’s sleep while on the road. There will be no more being woken by the other half turning over and having to say “can’t you sleep either – shall I make a Milo”. On our last trip away we noticed that restless nights resulted in grouchy mornings, and being in the traffic when not well rested is a recipe for disaster.

I can highly recommend an all-latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

Rudi and Glynis of Yeronga

I recently purchased a mattress from Latex Mattress Australia and after four weeks, I am consistently getting the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

After a long string of cheaper mattresses, I finally decided to treat myself to a natural latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia.

I can honestly say that it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made! I know that by purchasing this mattress, I am getting a 100% natural, environmentally friendly alternative as well as supporting a local business. I would, and have, recommended my latex mattress to everyone and anyone that has tried it out is instantly convinced. Thanks Latex Mattress Australia!!

Ben Dunleavy, Chatswood

Dear Trixie,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband, Warren and myself to say thank you for your good service and product. We purchased a queen size (to our own specifications) latex mattress on the 2nd March. It was promptly made and delivered by the following Tuesday, 6th March. We are extremely happy with the mattress and have been enjoying a good night’s sleep ever since. We knew we wanted a latex mattress because that is what we have had for the last 31 years of our marriage.

We came to your store because we had a recommendation from my parents and we have been just as pleased as they were when they made their purchase 18 months ago. We will be spreading the good word to our friends which will hopefully mean some more business for your store.

Thank you once again.

Julianne, of Brisbane


Thank you for delivering our mattress today.

The whole experience was memorable. I guess the saying, “you get what you pay for” applies here. Certainly the mattress is very comfortable yet supporting and the pillows are fantastic.

Apart from that, your service far exceeded my expectations. In this day, it is rare to find a company who delivers when they say they will, to the day. The effort you made, especially to do the second trip to deliver castors was sincerely appreciated. Congratulations to all concerned.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family.

Scott, of Brisbane

Your customer service is fabulous and so are your products, so it was not a hard choice to buy from your company again. We have found our pillows so very comfortable and the best we have ever used.

Sharyn and Greg, of Chevallum, QLD

To Peter,

This is to send a sincere and big ‘Thank You’ to Latex Mattress Australia, and especially to Peter for taking the time, and the muscle, to show me the various mattress possibilities last Wednesday, and to suggest the firm latex + foam combination, and to have it ready so soon!

My mum is that happy with her new mattress… she was on it yesterday morning before noon and rang me to say how perfect it is! She is over the moon with her new comfort and support! It has made a huge difference.

So many thanks for your expertise and personal attention, Peter.

We’ll pass the good word around.

Lauren, Toowoomba

Trixie –

Just wanted to say thanks – days down the track and we’ve had some great sleep and Mandy’s neck and head ache’s seem to have disappeared – all worth it.

Hope to be able to send some more customers your way.

Chris Gray, Laidley

Dear Trixie and staff,

Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance on assisting my husband and I in purchasing a latex mattress from your store. After receiving our latex mattress we moved to Sydney and had the task of unpacking all our furniture. I really believe that the latex mattress decreased the amount of aches and pains that we otherwise would have felt. My husband’s back pain has dramatically decreased which we are also very happy about. So thank you so much for your amazing product, your attention to detail and your genuine concern for our wellbeing.

Michelle Wotton - Kingsford, Sydney

To Manager and Staff- Latex Mattress Factory,

I am writing to let you know how pleased Jim and I are with our lovely new double mattress and base. Both of us, at sixty-nine, had been experiencing pain and discomfort when sleeping on the left side. With the remarkable support of the new ensemble we feel comfortable without any pain. The sore muscles in my lower back are a lot better even when walking around. As I suspected, the major cause of pain was the old mattress. Jim says he feels he is almost floating, and his lower left hip, which is at high risk of fracture, does not ache now when lying on his left side. We both wish we had heard/read about the latex mattress sooner. Your clear and detailed advertisement in the Seniors Newspaper caught my attention. I would also like to mention that the carrier who delivered the ensemble was friendly, cheerful and very helpful. I was impressed by the quality and efficiency of your business, and the kindness and interest shown during telephone conversations with Trixie. We would not hesitate to recommend Latex Mattress Australia to other people.

Thanking you.

Helen and James, Ipswich

We are extremely happy with our mattress and have been enjoying a good night’s sleep ever since.

J Murray, Brisbane

Your service far exceeded our expectations, and my mattress is very comfortable, yet supporting.

S McAlpine, Brisbane

The back is better than ever, and there is no rocking, rolling or squeaking to disturb the better half who is a light sleeper (or at least used to be).

R Kurpershoek, Brisbane

I am so happy with my latex mattress that I am thinking about cancelling the back operation.

Mr Dalla, Gold Coast

Hi Trixie

I have had a number of beds over the last 30 years but none compare to the bed from Latex Mattress Australia. Five years ago I suffered a back problem – a ruptured disc and I have had difficulty in finding a firm but comfortable bed.
The 1st night I slept on my new Latex mattress was the best sleep I have had in a long while. I love my bed and now get a good nights sleep on a consistent basis.
I would highly recommend Latex Mattress Australia.

Dr June Dunleavy. Indooroopilly

Being the purchaser of six custom made latex mattresses over the past twenty years I can thoroughly recommend Latex Mattress Australia's products and Peter's knowledge and expertise in the construction of these mattresses to meet the individual's needs for supreme comfort, guaranteeing correct support to ensure rejuvenating rest over any period.

Sandy Martin - Truck driver and customer of over 20 years


Just a short note to thank you for all your assistance in the purchase of our new latex king size bed and pillows. We very much look forward to going to bed each night because it is just so comfortable and a good nights sleep is assured.

When on holidays we actually look forward to coming home to our bed. Most times we take our pillows with us. All in all we are more than happy with the whole package and look forward to many more comfortable nights.

We highly recommend your product and service to all our family and friends.

Thank you once again.

Rob and Chris Goad

Hi Trixie

Well, I have had my Queen sized mattress for 2 months now, and I can certainly say it has been a great purchase.

I am sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and even on "steamy nights" I still wake up feeling quite refreshed!

Scott, Brisbane

In 1997 after we retired, our first purchase was a Rest-Rite mattress. It is now 2011, and we are back for another mattress (this time a little softer).
We have been very satisfied with your product over the years - our return to you being the proof.

Brian & Desley Gaston

The mattress is extremely comfortable and I look forward to many happy years of sleep.

You'll be pleased to know that I have already recommended your product in glowing terms to two lots of friends who are seeking a new mattress and have passed along your website address to them.

Jane Bray, Sydney

I would just like to say how much we appreciate the time and effort that went into supplying us with our wonderful latex bed.

Your knowledge and expertise in this field helped to allay my fears as well as set right any misconception about latex that I had.

Our bed is everything you promised and more.

Patricia & Bill Butler, Junee NSW

Thank you for all your help and support in the purchase of our latex mattress. It was made perfectly and we've been enjoying sleeping on it for the past couple of weeks. The curve at the foot was exactly to Mark's template and works a treat. Despite cautions regarding getting used to a latex mattress we've had no difficulties adjusting and have been delighting in great comfort & sleep - Brilliant!

I also wanted to let you know that your delivery service was terrific! The gentleman who made the delivery was thoughtful, efficient and effective. I greatly appreciated the entire experience and will recommend your company to family & friends! Thank you!

Barbara Vollmer, Bellbowrie

So comfortable you won't want to get out of bed!

We spent months searching for the right bed but as soon as we tried this we knew it would be perfect, worth the extra money. Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to help you. We had a firm spring mattress for years and used to disturb each other in the night, now we don't and we are sleeping much better. Oh and it is just so comfortable you won't want to get out of bed!

Andrew Walker, Sydney

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